Shopping. What is shopping, you may ask. Well, maybe you won’t but since you’re reading this article, let’s get into it.

One can define shopping the Wikipedia way, as: the action or activity of buying goods from shops. But honestly, that? God, no. Shopping, for most is more than just an act of buying things. For some it’s a form of expression, while for some it can be a therapeutic experience even. Well, who isn’t familiar with the term “Retail Therapy”?

When it comes to finding anything that you want, there are so many options out there to choose from, in this day and age. Malls, showrooms, factory outlets, manufacturers, designers, rate, quality, style, visuals, etc.; too many things to choose from.

We can all agree on this; shopping is a very meticulous task. The amount of time and effort put into sorting through and picking out only the best of the products according to one’s taste, is definitely something to be reckoned with. Shopping is both a necessity and a luxury and well, everyone has those times when you need to draw the line between needs and wants.

Online Shopping

Well, there are so many resources catering to the needs of all, and these blessings come in the form of online shopping. Numerous websites and apps marketing a singular designer or various ones exist out there, and many more keep launching every single day. Product reviews and costumer ratings are an aid that we hope is never lost. Refining filters on products, setting price ranges and so many other options help narrow down the search for the perfect dress, the perfect refrigerator, the perfect oven, even the perfect house for one. It saves hours off of the draining hunt for any and everything.


Offline Shopping

Even though almost everything can be found online, there is no replacement to the feeling of walking into a store and finding the cutlery of your dreams, or the bedspread that fits just right, or the fur coat that’s soft enough to remind you of all the good things in the world. Not to forget about the widespread complaints of scams, sizing problems and frauds that have made a multitude of us to resort back to the old-fashioned, classic visits to shops and showrooms.

Nevertheless, online vs offline is a never-ending debate and even though each have both, benefits and detriments (in terms of convenience, budget, variety and so much more), in the end it’s all about personal preference and very evidently neither will go away any time soon.