Apple and its Products

Apple and its Products

Apple inc is a world-famous company everyone knows very well about the technology of APPLE. It is situated in Cupertino, California. Its early title is Apple Computer company, now it is called Apple inc. it’s a public forum. In the stock exchange, it is shared as NASDAQ AAPL at with 100 components. It deals with the dealers only not with the retailers. Their shares are sold within a fraction of seconds as they hold the first position of place in the share market. They deal with computer hardware, software, electronics, cloud computing, Digital distribution, semiconductors, media and artificial intelligence. It is founded on 1st April 1976. Its founders are steve jobs, steve Wozniak, Roland Wayne. It has its own 510 retail stores and it is increasing. Its subsidiaries are Apple Energy LLC, Apple services beditt and so on. Its products are

Apple Watch

It is a smartwatch introduced by Tim cook in 2014 in September with the tracking of health and fitness to give awareness to the adored person. Its next series advances the technology of water resistance and brighter display with a fast processor. The third series features cellular technology from the iPhone. 4th series has an electrocardiogram display. Series 5 has magnetometer. Series 6 has ECG and other fitness features to equip human beings.

Apple TV

Apple TV was introduced in 2007 with the running of Mac OS X. it is synchronised with the wireless network with I tunes library. In 2009 they launched a 160 GB TV in September. In 2016 introduced a new iOS and tvOS to replace the video application. On March 25 2019, they launched a TV app with new channels exposing the macOS and numerous smart television models.

Home Pad

It is the first smart speaker introduced by Apple on 9th February 2018. It is seven tweeters in base and a four-inch woofer in the top with six microphones for voice control and acoustic optimization.

Software and services

It runs the device of macOS and iOS with iPad and iPod. Tablets with iPod touch phones. WatchOS and TVOSfor apple watch and apple tv. It has numerous worksheets and spreadsheets with keynote presentations. It also provides an online service with iCloud and its storage includes photos, documents and Data application with Apple Music.

Upcoming plans

Apple technology is planning to start an electric car with autonomous driving in the upcoming year. It has collaborated with the recruit battery development engineers from A123 systems.

Company LOGE

Its logo is modelled on the fruitarian diet. It is designed by Ron Wayne and it is redesigned as rainbow apple


BYTE into an APPLE and Think different are slogans used to motivate the company.

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