Playing online: Why you should set (and stick to) spending limits

Naturally, if you’re new to online casinos, a good preliminary step is to do a little research before you start playing to avoid some of the more easy-to-make rookie mistakes. Choosing a well-established provider of casino games is always a good beginning.

The best NJ online casino, for example, will offer great customer service and state-of-the-art online games, plus something even more authentic: solid experience. Providers like Resorts Casino have literally decades of operating successfully in the casino industry behind them, beginning with a land-based business in 1978 before channeling the expertise built up from that enterprise into a standout online casino.

One mistake that’s not confined to newbie players relates to the gambling process itself. Any pleasurable pursuit can rapidly turn into a painful experience if a crucial factor gets ignored – the importance of limits.

It’s entirely possible that pleasurable pursuits come with an inherent danger. They can easily lure one into disregarding limits, which can seem like an unwelcome “buzzkill” when you’re enjoying yourself. But remember that sanity itself depends upon limits. Anything taken to limitless excess is bound to become destructive, ultimately destroying the very pleasure that set the pursuit in motion in the first place. And if your pleasure involves your cash, as gambling games can, you can risk your financial security simply by not heeding signs that tell you when to stop.

So there’s the seeming paradox. Free choice depends on its continuation on the implementation of firm limits. While there’s some evidence that, as the New York Times recently reported, emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence may automatically insert limits into the gaming experience, there’s no substitute for the essentially human practice of self-discipline. Once you’ve mastered that, you can play just about anywhere, whether the site is AI-modulated or not. Because once you have self-control, you take it everywhere you go.

Responsible gambling is pleasurable and exciting; reckless gambling is dangerous and destructive. The difference between the two is less in the game than in the player.

If you set spending limits ahead of your foray into an online casino, you’ve put yourself firmly in the driving seat – provided you have the discipline to adhere to them. To put it bluntly, it’s no good setting a limit if you don’t stick to it. And it’s precisely when the heat of the moment action reaches crescendo levels that adherence to those limits becomes crucial.

Many online casinos will allow you to set a daily spend limit. Use it; don’t assume that you’re immune to getting carried away. No matter how stoical you might normally be, casino action can lead the coolest of cucumbers to get flustered and reckless. By setting these limits, either for a session or for individual games, you’ll get a warning when you’re approaching the threshold. That’s when your own willpower must come into play, countering the impulse to crash through the limit with steely resolve(pre-setting deposit limits can also be of considerable assistance).

And the good news is that the more you do this, the easier it becomes to keep those limits – and your bank balance – in healthy shape.